In the past year we have posted a few updates about an anticipated major release of our easy to use Content Management System (CMS). Well, we have great news as 2011 draws to a close! After over 2,500 combined man hours in the past 18 months, we have planned, designed, coded, tested, beta released and officially launched this brand new update for our partners.

Although we have been getting a number of kind comments about this major update, here are a few notes that we wanted to share with our Bloggage readers.

"I really like all the upgrades to the Content Management System! Especially for the rotator. Thanks for all the work you guys put into it."
~ Robin Verderame, Grace Community Church

"I was just over there playing with the rotator. More fun than a human should be allowed."
~ Tom Jackson, Christian Believers United

"Just want to say I LOVE THE NEW CMS!!!!! It's awesome!! So user friendly and fast too! I was able to easily get the hang of posting videos and updating my navigation... Thank you sooo much and God Bless!!"
~ Marilyne Cartagena, Fordham Manor Church

Here is a list of some new/updated features that we added...

  • Create New button (Dashboard and Admin shelf) - quick access to create new content.
  • Help Center tab - pop up video tutorials and articles that help with every module.
  • New navigation module - drag and drop functionality has been significantly enhanced.
  • New tabs in sermons, events, posts - no scrolling for overview, details and content.
  • Blogs are now Posts - many people use this module for articles so "Posts" made sense.
  • Files and usage - we now display what percentage of your 100 GB that you are using.
  • Upload a new file - easier to upload, link to and/or embed files within every module.
  • Rotator module - easily select, link, and organize images with 6 transition effects.

This update has truly been our labor of love for the past year and a half. To give you a taste of these new features, here is an overview video from our Managing Director, Dustin Stearman.