Sponsored Partners

We are honored to partner with hundreds of gospel-loving churches all across the USA, Canada, UK, UAE, Africa, and Australia. Over the years we have aligned ourselves with a few select organizations, that serve the unique needs of the church planters that we love. If you are looking for more information on church planting, we suggest that you start here.


The Church Planting Supersite

The Church Planting Supersite is the ultimate gateway to all things church planting. The Supersite is a joint effort of Tellstart and Church Plant Media. Together we have over 50 years experience serving and planting churches. Our mission statement is simple. We seek to assist with the multiplication of Christ-centered churches by providing a one-stop portal that will showcase the very best services, products, and ministries related to church planting. Doug Foltz, of the Stadia Network says the following about the Supersite: “This site has potential and is worth checking out just for the directory listing. It will be interesting to see how this site grows and how the church planting community embraces it. Check it out.”

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Acts 29 Network

The Acts 29 Network exists to build a unifying and an uncommon alliance of smaller networks to advance the mission of Jesus through church planting churches. Their commitment and efforts focus on planting multiplying churches and training leaders. If God has called you to plant or replant, apply to Acts 29 and their pastors will shepherd you in that journey. As a member, you will be in relationship with other planters through coaching, training—formally and informally, shepherding, networking, resourcing and funding as they train other men and plant other churches collaboratively. Simply, Acts 29 loves Jesus and if He has called you to serve Him in church planting, they would love to serve you.

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New Churches

The New Churches website is a ministry partnership of: Ed Stetzer, Passion for Planting, and Church Plant Media. Do you want to plant a church, but you don’t know where to start? New Churches has compiled an extensive online tutorial, a significant number of free resources, and an online planning system, that are all aimed at helping church planters launch healthy churches. Their substantial list of tools and resources have proven to be extremely benificial to church planters. You will find popular downloads, helpful tools and research, books and articles, church planting forums, blogs, podcasts, web technology, a list of services that help church planters, and Ed Stetzer’s recommendations.

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