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Pricing Questions

How much storage space do we get and can I buy more if I need it?

Every website comes with 100 GB of storage space and 100 GB of monthly bandwidth for $50 per month. We have thousands of partners, and only a small handful have approached that limit. To put the number into perspective, 100 GB is enough to store about 6,000 audio sermons (if compressed properly to about 15 MB per MP3). "100 GB of bandwidth" means that people will be able to listen or download sermons equivalent to that amount. So, if your sermon MP3s are each compressed to around 15 MB, then people will be able to either listen or download approximately 6,000 of your sermons per month. If the usage ever exceeds 100 GB on a regular basis, service will remain uninterrupted and our team will notify you of the total usage. More storage space or bandwidth can be added in blocks of 25 GB for an additional $15 per month.

How much does it cost if we want to change our design after we buy?

All of our designs have at least 3 color options available (A, B, or C). After we install your staging website we can change to one of the other color schemes for FREE at any time. Depending on the design, you may need to provide a new logo that will work with the new color scheme. If a different design is available in your area, we can switch to that design before the site launches for FREE. If you want to switch to a different design after launch, we are happy to do so at 50% off our regular price. To learn more about these and other design upgrade options visit our Upgrade Pricing.

How do your prices compare to other website providers?

Church Plant Media's price is lower than most custom website providers. There are a few church website solutions that are a little less expensive than ours, but there are many more that are significantly higher priced. We firmly believe in creating a company that will last; one that will be around to serve our partners for years to come. We do this by setting a fair price for great design and serving our partners with excellence.

How does your paid service compare to the free service with WordPress?

Although WordPress is a great open-source blogging platform, it takes some significant technical skill to get it to do everything a ministry needs. Multiple plug-ins must be installed, maintained, and hosted to work correctly. In contrast, our system only takes 10% of the time to setup and we release all core feature updates and system upgrades automatically, which means you'll never have to do any version upgrades or maintenance installations yourself. We take care of all of the development and programming for you, so you can focus on the more important aspects of building your ministry.

Why is your monthly fee $50 when I have seen "unlimited" hosting for less?

Our monthly benefits include far more than just hosting. We provide 24/7 usage of our cloud-based Content Management System, hosting of your responsive website on Rackspace (a secure, industry-leading datacenter), fast and reliable media transfer from Amazon S3, daily backups of all website content, regular upgrades to the CMS modules, and toll-free telephone and online support.

To learn more, check out our Pricing page for all of the details.

Regarding "unlimited hosting" from other providers—there is no such thing. Running an "unlimited" amount of data through a hosting account will result in sluggish load times and server crashes. We don't make unrealistic promises. With Church Plant Media, you know exactly what you're getting.

Are there any costs other than the design setup price and monthly fee?

Not from us. The only other thing you'll need is a domain name (options include: .church, .org, .com, etc), which you can purchase from any domain registrar such as for around $10 annually.

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Technical Questions

Will your system allow us to charge a small fee for sermons?

No. We firmly believe that the gospel is a free gift (Romans 6:23; Ephesians 2:8), so we do not offer a way for churches to sell sermons.

Do you register my domain name or do I need to register it?

It is important that all of our gospel partners have full, legal control over their own domain name(s). We recommend that you use a domain registrar such as for registering your domain.

Do you offer any fully responsive website designs?

Yes, every one of our available church website designs are fully responsive. A "responsive" website means that it "responds" to the screen size. The bottom line is that all of our responsive websites look terrific on all devices.

Do you offer password protected pages?

Yes, all of our available designs come with password protection. Adding a single password to the page will disable the content from view by website visitors and search engines. The password protected page will display the note "this page is password protected" with a login box. When a visitor enters the password, they will be able to view the content for one hour.

What type of Admin Permissions does your system have?

Our system has 3 levels of Admin Permissions (Master Admin, Admin, & Guest). Master Admins have full system access to all modules and can add/edit other Admins. Admins have system access but they only have permission to edit the content within specific modules that Master Admins give them access to. Guests do not have any system access, but their names can be added to modules and assigned to roles as a Sermon Speaker, Blog Poster, and/or Event Coordinator.

Are your websites easy to update and what is a CMS?

Yes, our website solution provides a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that is used to update the information on the public website. Our CMS has been custom developed by our team and is not only easy to update, but fun to use as well. Without any need to know programming languages, you are in full control of your text, photos, navigation, events, sermons, podcasts, blogs, video, audio, photo galleries, and much more.

Check out our tour to see how easy our CMS is to use.

Will your system allow us to auto-publish blog posts and sermons?

Yes, after you add content to a blog post or a sermon you can set it to either Publish Now, Save for Later, or Auto-Publish on a specific date and time for blog posts and a specific date for sermons.

Is your CMS custom built or did you repurpose another CMS like WordPress?

Our CMS is completely custom built by our team and is created specifically for gospel ministry. This ensures that churches and ministries get the features they need without having to wade through the features they don't need. Another benefit of using our CMS is that you don't have to cobble together different plug-ins to get a non-church CMS to do what your ministry needs.

Can I download your CMS and install it on my server?

Our CMS is a hosted web service and we currently do not have plans to make a downloadable version. By providing our CMS as a hosted service, it allows us to continually monitor the entire technical environment and ensure that your user experience is fast and reliable. This also allows us to immediately release new modules and features to all of our partners as they become available.

What technology powers your CMS?

Our CMS is built on the L.A.M.P. stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP).

Does your CMS support languages other than English?

Yes, our system does support other languages. If your keyboard supports non-English characters, you will be able to input those characters into the CMS. The page titles and text are able to display in whatever language you type in.

With that said however, minor aspects of our sermon, event, and blog output will remain in English. For example, if the home page says "Latest Sermon" or "Upcoming Events" these headings will always display as-is in English, even if the sermon or event titles are in a different language.

We have English and Spanish services; can we have a bilingual site?

If you need bilingual content, then you will need to create different pages in both English and Spanish. Our system does not provide an automatic translator for your content. Many churches will have a section of their site titled "Español" for Spanish speaking visitors.

If you need the entire website to switch back and forth between English and Spanish, you may need to purchase our multi-campus selector along with an additional website. This would allow you to have one site in English and one site in Spanish, with a way to select between the two.

See our Multi-Campus Examples to learn more.

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Design Questions

Why do you have a geolocation restriction on your designs?

Simply put, we strive to protect the brands of each ministry that we serve.

If two or more unrelated churches in the same immediate area had the exact same design, it would look like they are connected. This would result in brand confusion and frustration among these churches as they reach out to the same community using the exact same design. This is why we have decided to limit how many times each design can be used in each area.

It may feel like a restriction when you are initially selecting a design, but our "Radius Protection" is our promise to both protect and respect your brand, for the duration of our gospel partnership.

Will you install my website immediately after I pay?

Depending on your method of payment, our Support Team will usually install your temporary staging website within one business day after the payment has been processed and confirmed. Visit What is the Process? to learn more.

Can I design my own website and use your CMS?

Our designs and CMS are custom built by our team and they go hand-in-hand. We currently do not offer one without the other. If you have coding skills, we would be happy to provide you with a CSS override file at no additional cost so you can update the colors and fonts in our design to match your branding.

I am an HTML pro; do you provide FTP access to the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)? If so, what changes can I make to the design?

Sure, we can provide you with FTP access at no additional cost so you can add your custom CSS to the CSS override file. With FTP access to the CSS override file, you are able to change colors, textures, and fonts, but not the API output for sermons, events, blogs, etc. All of the structure and output of the website will remain as-is, but you are able to modify the aspects of the design that are controlled by the CSS (colors, fonts, textures, etc).

Do I have to make a final decision on my design before moving forward?

No, you do not need to make your final design selection when you fill out the Start Form and pay for the website. However, we do request that you make your final selection within one week of your payment. A key part of our process is the Project Agreement which asks you to select your design when submitting the form. After we receive your payment along with your Gospel Agreement and Project Agreement, we will reserve your design within 10 (or 30) miles of your protected location (depending on which design you choose).

Please be sure to review what designs are available in your area, and remember "the early bird catches the worm" when it comes to design selection.

If our logo is not ready yet, can we still move forward with a website?

Most definitely! We serve a number of church plants each year that do not even have their official church name selected at the time of their verbal agreement. We understand the planting process well and we realize that your brand may be in flux, but you still need to publish a great website. If you do not have a logo when we launch your website, we can easily add the name of your organization where the logo will eventually go. Once your branding process is wrapped up, we can easily add your logo into the design at no additional cost.

Do you offer other services, like branding or logo development?

No, we only specialize in developing websites.

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Media Questions

Is MP3 podcasting and RSS feed output included with every website?

Yes, our CMS automatically provides RSS feeds (Rich Site Summary; often called Really Simple Syndication) for all sermons, podcasts, and blogs. We also provide you with simple instructions explaining how hook up your podcast with iTunes. Once it is hooked up, you only have to add a sermon into our system and it will automatically be published and searchable in Apple's iTunes. Your sermon RSS will live at and your blog RSS will live at

We plan to upload about 1 GB per week of video; will 100 GB be enough?

If you plan to shoot video weekly, we always suggest making use of Vimeo Plus for your video storage needs. Vimeo offers a cost-effective, HD video hosting solution that is the proven industry standard, and they feature an HTML5 video player which ensures playback on iPads, iPhones, and other non-Flash equipped devices. We can house your videos in our CMS, but Vimeo is the best and we've built in full integration with it. With your videos on Vimeo, you'll be using their hosting and bandwidth, so it may actually take a number of years before you bump up against 100 GB.

Does your system support HD video with an HTML5 video player?

If you decide to use Vimeo Plus for your video storage, they provide 250 GB of HD video storage (5 GB per week). Vimeo has also been featured on the Apple website as a premier company who has optimized for HTML5. Vimeo supports just about any kind of video file, including these commonly used file formats: MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, and FLV.

What types of file formats are we able to upload into your system?

If you decide to use our system for video or other types of files, we allow for the following file formats in our files module: JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, MOV, MP4, MPEG, M4V, MP3, M4A, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, PDF, and ZIP.

We love Facebook and Twitter; can we integrate them into our website?

Yes, website Admins can hook up their CMS account to automatically publish updates in their church or ministry Facebook and Twitter accounts when adding sermons, events and blogs. You can even choose which Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups you want your updates to post into.

What social media icons can we add into the footer of our website?

All of our responsive website designs include the ability to add social media icons in the footer that can be linked to social media websites for easy access. Icons are available for the following: Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, The City, Church Community Builder, FellowshipOne, LinkedIn, iTunes, and RSS.

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Payment and Terms

What is the process to set up my website and when do I pay?

First, select your design and check its availability at your meeting location. Once we receive these three things: (1) Start Form plus the one-time setup fee, (2) Gospel Agreement and, (3) Project Agreement, we will install your staging website with our Content Management System (CMS) and the $50 monthly fee will begin on the following day. You are then able to add your pages, navigation, sermons, events, blog posts, photo galleries, and more. After you are confident with your content in the CMS, we will launch your website.

If email is needed, we recommend either G Suite by Google ($50 annually per Google Account), or Bluehost (under $100 annually for 100 email addresses). Both of these email solutions provides you with email at your domain name.

Where do we review the agreement & terms before we seal the deal?

Yes, all of the details are available for review online. An overview of the process and responsibilities are listed on our Project Agreement. You may also read through our Service Agreement & Terms.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards, debit cards, checks, and bank drafts.

Do you require long-term contracts?

Definitely not. We do not require any minimum sign up period. We bill for our system access on a monthly basis, so you may cancel at any time. We are happy to serve you for as long as you need.

Do you charge an additional fee for your customer support?

Nope, all partners get toll-free phone and online support at no additional charge. We view our service as a partnership and we want you to know that we are only a phone call away if you need help. We believe our vocational calling is to serve your church and mission.

Will our site be hosted on a dedicated server and will it load fast?

We have multiple dedicated servers at Rackspace (the industry standard for hosting). Your database, content, and pages will be served from there, and all media will be served from our hosting environment on the Amazon S3 cloud. That means all of your website pages will load quickly on the front-end and our CMS will quickly upload your media files in the back-end.

But don't take our word for it, go ahead and compare some of our examples to examples from other website companies.

How reliable will my site be in your system and will it ever go down?

Our system is rock solid and we've only had a few minutes of downtime in the last several years.

Will we have access to export the database if we ever decide to move to a different website provider?

All of the content (i.e. text, photos, media, etc.) that you add into the CMS is yours to copy and transfer manually whenever you need. Our CMS and designs go hand-in-hand and they will remain on our server.

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Company Values

Are you Christian owned and operated?

Yes, we are first and foremost gospel partners, and second, web developers. Everyone on our team loves using our talents to expand the reach of the gospel via the Internet. We are all believing members of evangelical churches in many different denominational traditions and church associations.

What do you mean by the word gospel?

The word "gospel" is the Greek word for "good news" and it appears over 100 times in the Bible. This good news is about the person and work of Jesus Christ and is described within our Gospel Agreement. The truths of the gospel are the very heartbeat of everything we do as a company.

Why do you refer to customers as partners?

We view the people we serve as our partners in the gospel (Philippians 1:3-5). This means that we don't view ourselves as a web developer with customers; we view ourselves as gospel partners who provide websites for gospel ministry. Because of this, we refer to customers as partners.

Do you have any restrictions on who you will serve?

Yes, please review our Gospel Agreement. We welcome any gospel-loving, gospel-centered, body of believers who will agree to stand with us for the sake of the gospel by affirming and corporately agreeing without reservation that they are defined by the word "gospel" in their beliefs, their doctrine, and their practice as defined in our agreement.

Do you build websites for both churches AND ministries?

Yes—with "Plant" as our middle name, we are happy to help you "grow" your online ministry. We have been building great websites for gospel ministry since 1998 and we welcome any gospel-loving group that is defined by the words "Church & Mission" including, but not limited to…

church planters
brand new churches
established churches
multi-campus churches
church networks
non-profit ministries
Christian camps
Christian schools
Bible colleges

How do I know you will be around in the future?

There are a lot of fly-by-night web design companies. Thankfully we're not one of them. We've been in business since 1998 and the number of ministries we serve has grown every year. We are privately owned and operated, which means we don't answer to outside investors. We serve thousands of gospel partners and we are positioned to continue growing for years to come.

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Getting Started

How do we get started?

Simply complete our START form, and we will contact you very soon. Or, if you are ready to go but would like to speak with our Ministry Advisor first, feel free to give him a call toll-free at (800) 409–6631 ext. 1.

NOTE: Before calling, please review our Gospel Agreement to be sure you are able to affirm our partnership in the gospel.

We look forward to serving you!