Galatian is ready!


We're happy to announce the introduction of Galatian! Featuring parallax on the homepage, zoomable hover effects, and a clean look, it will easily meet the needs of a church that needs a graphically-driven homepage.



Color Palettes

blog-galatian-a  blog-galatian-b blog-galatian-c

Demos and Homepage Configurations

 There are dozens of ways to configure Galatian's homepage. Here are just a few!

How to Get Galatian

Galatian is available for purchase! Be among the first to get it.



Could you guys give me a call today? We are wanting to switch our website template to the Galatian template. I had a few questions before that happens. 580-302-2900
Hi there,
We are interested in updating to one of the new layouts. Are we able to do a demo to start to see how it works and if things currently have can be moved over? Updated first?

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