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As mentioned in our previous blog post, our Website Builder/Content Management System (CMS) is on track to be released this winter, then shortly after that, the mobile app. Many of you have been asking about the app, and we are eager to get it into the hands of our Gospel partners because we know it will be a powerful communications tool for your church with push notifications for announcements, easy access to audio/video, event information, and more.

Because the new CMS will control both the mobile app and your website (in a single interface that updates simultaneously so you can avoid double-entry), you'll need to be using one of the five most recent designs styles: Disciple, Antioch, Galatian, Damascus, and Colossian.

Making plans for the New Year to reach more people with the Gospel? Now is a great time for our Gospel partners to do a design change to get a refreshed look for your website and also set yourself up to receive the Web Builder/CMS enhancements when they become available as well as the option to use the mobile app (pricing TBD).

We look forward to continuing to serve the Church with the best tools for online ministry, and we appreciate your partnership in the Gospel!

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We have one of the new designs (Galatian) - will we need to do anything else to activate the app when it is ready?
I'm interested in the mobile app, but it would require a design change. Do you have any more information on the mobile app that would help us decide if the view is worth the climb?

If we already have one of the new designs, (Galatian) will we need to do anything else to activate the App when it is ready?

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