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Here is a quick update on our brand-new website builder that we are alpha-testing on the Disciple design. Support for the Antioch, Galatian, Damascus, and Colossian designs is coming soon.





This looks fantastic. Great work. Can't wait for it to come to Abide!

That's great! I'm so excited for the ease of use visually and being able to preview the changes before it goes live onto the actual site. Thank you for your work!

Hey, everyone! Due to the development work required to make an existing design compatible with the new web builder, we're only able to make it available to the Disciple, Antioch, Galatian, Damascus, and Colossian designs. All new designs will have it moving forward.

Very Cool! Love it!

Good questions, I was wondering the same thing. I’m assuming it’ll be just for their new design templates.

Will every design get the update or should we consider moving to one of these newer designs?

any word on if/when the update will be available to those using Corinthian?

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