Church app & CMS sneak peek + a new design + more!


Church App and New CMS

We want to take a moment and update you on a few things. Our church app and new CMS are humming right along, and we’ve included a preview of both below. We will begin onboarding churches in January; more info to come soon!





Hosting Upgrades

Our months long process to move our entire infrastructure to the cloud is getting close to completion. This type of work is done behind the scenes, but it has a measurable effect, as the end result is that your visitors experience a quicker and more reliable website.

Statistics Improvements

A few months ago, we released our new and improved stats engine. Currently, it displays basic traffic numbers on the dashboard, and phase 2 of new CMS will show additional stats in greater detail.

Disciple Design

We’ve released our brand new Disciple design. Check out the possible homepage configurations!

Thank You

Thank you for your continued trust in our team. We love and appreciate all of our churches!




Is there any update to this?
Super excited about this! We would help beta test as well. This is going to be incredibly strategic!
will you notify us when we can get the app?
Probably not the right place to ask, but do you guys offer any sort of "sign up for text alerts" feature that allow us to send out a text message for things like unexpected closures or cancellations? (which being in Canada in the winter and in the middle of shifting COVID goalposts comes up a lot)
Hi everyone, thanks for your interest! The app will sync with your website (sermons, events, posts, pages, etc). You'll be able to do push notifications, etc. CCB integration will come in phase 2. There will be an additional cost, and we will announce that in the days to come. We'll send out more info soon!
I appreciate the info in this blog post, but can't find any information about the app you guy are creating. What are the details about the app? And same question as the previous commentator- is the app covered in our current cost or is it an add-on?
Will we have the ability to push out mobile notifications or text messages through the app?
Is the app included in the current cost or is it an add-on?
This looks amazing, both the App and new CMS. Can't wait for this to go live!!
Hey guys, will there be integration with CCB on the app?
If you still need beta testers for the app let me know. Would be glad to help. Very anxious for this app to be rolled out. Thx
How much does it cost to switch from one of your designs to another?

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