Lee Stephenson, Executive Director of Church Planting, Converge

Ben Peays, Executive Director, The Gospel Coalition

Justin Taylor, Crossway + New Covenant Bible Church

Tim Challies, Challies Dot Com + Grace Fellowship Church


"Very pleased… got under the hood and looked at your CMS and how you have it set up… brilliant. So user-friendly… It really is an amazing service… Excellent. We are really enjoying the partnership… This has been such an exciting project to partner on…"

"The Gospel Coalition has the opportunity to work with a lot of people. But we love to work with people who care about the gospel, who the gospel has changed who they are, and the way they go about their business. And so for us, Church Plant Media is more than a web company—they are a gospel partner… We've worked with Church Plant Media for years. We really like and trust those guys. For anybody that needs a website or web services, I'd recommend you give them a shot. They've done a really good job for us and we'll continue working with them for a long time."

Ben Peays, Executive Director, The Gospel Coalition

"We have used Church Plant Media for the development of [five] websites, and have been extremely pleased with the timeliness, professionalism, and quality of their work."

Ed Stetzer, LifeWay Research + Grace Church

"As a pastor and as a church planter, I understand the importance of having a strong web presence in our community. Actually, more than 75% of all people will visit our website before they ever step foot on our campus. So that tells us, our web presence matters… Church Plant Media brings years of experience working with local churches and developing a strong web presence in the community. They bring with them great features, like great designs with a content management tool. They have the ability to do sermon media hosting for you. They have a great giving platform and integrations with other platforms like CCB… Take a moment and check them out."

Lee Stephenson, Executive Director of Church Planting, Converge

"The thing I love about Church Plant Media is not only the competence that they have in terms of technical skills but also the aesthetics that they have in presenting things with excellence. But even more importantly than that, when our church was looking for a partner to… construct a website that was usable, friendly, and welcoming; we found a gospel-centered ministry. Somebody that could partner with us not only in serving us but who shared the common theological vision. That meant a great deal to us. So when we were looking for a website, Church Plant Media was one of the first that came to mind, and we commend you to look into them as well."

Justin Taylor, Crossway + New Covenant Bible Church

"Our church doesn't have a huge budget and we needed a website that would be excellent, that would be beautiful, that would be effective, but that would also be cost-effective, and Church Plant Media was able to provide that for us… The reason I chose to partner with Church Plant Media is that they're not just a company, they're not just creating websites; they're people who love the gospel… and they've become friends. We've spent time together, we've prayed together, and I know their love for the Lord, and their desire to help churches grow and thrive…"

"When we have new visitors to our church, we almost always ask them how they found us. It has been our experience that 100% of our visitors, or very close to it, find us on the Web. We regard it as absolutely fundamental to have a website that represents us well, that has the information they need, and that is easy to use."

Tim Challies, Challies Dot Com + Grace Fellowship Church

"I have been a customer of Church Plant Media for around five or six years and I will continue to be for years to come. I have always been impressed with the product, the support, and the staff. Today was especially unique. I was in a bind because we are launching the registration for our huge annual Summit tonight and I had to have our new site up today… All seemed lost. Then, from the east coming with the gathering light of dawn rode Church Plant Media on your great white steed to bring hope and victory. You worked diligently to get all the kinks worked out, calling the server people, guiding me on how to fix my side of things, keeping me updated… In the end, our site launched and my organization saved hours of heartache and probably hundreds of dollars in registrations. I am so impressed by… the quality and competency of Church Plant Media. You are one of the best organizations I work with. Your quality and care are truly witnesses for the gospel you proclaim and are pleasing to the Savior you serve… I am thankful for you. In fact, I think I've got another church that will be signing up with you in the next month. That would make 4 sites I've helped to develop with Church Plant Media. You guys rock my world!"

Dan Alger, Always Forward + Redeemer Anglican Church

"Our church website was in dire need of a makeover and Church Plant Media was the answer to our problem. Our website is now aesthetically pleasing to the eye, designed with the church member and visitor in mind, very functional and cost-effective. As someone who has used the WordPress platform in the past, I appreciate the user-friendliness of the CMS, which will allow others to assist me in adding content to our site. Church Plant Media is more than a company, they are a group of people who love the Gospel and wish to partner with the local church to see the Gospel proclaimed."

Scott Burdett, Grace Church of Rootstown

"Church Plant Media goes beyond making great websites. They really are a ministry partner… True to what they claim, Church Plant Media has a heart for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. They do this using the tool of online media, to the glory of God. With their ministry mindset, down-to-earth approach, and dedicated customer service, Church Plant Media is a blessing to work with. They are a valuable partner in our striving for the advancement of God's kingdom!"

Jordan Henderson, Grace Fellowship Chilliwack

"Thanks for making it a smooth and timely process. You all do great work and really make my job easier. It's a pleasure to do ministry and business with you."

Scott Gayer, The Well Collaborative

"I want to thank you for all of the pre-help you gave and being patient with all of my questions. We truly believe we made a great decision in going with your company and have loved the process of this transition. It has gone SOOO smoothly, way better then we imagined. That is mostly due to the support that Church Plant Media has provided. Thanks again!"

Sarah Abacha, East Auburn Baptist Church

"Church Plant Media Team, Thanks for everything you all are doing! We're grateful to have such a trustworthy, responsive company hosting our website."

Elliot J. Voris, Wildwood Christian Church

"I just met someone last week who had never gone to church, never met any believer, never read through the Bible, and yet apparently got saved by listening to sermons online and now wants to join the church. We can't miss out on reaching out to those people! We are so thankful for what we are able to do with your services."

Philippe Viguier, Eglise Protestante Evangélique de Villeurbanne-Cusset

"I wanted to thank the Church Plant Media team for all your hard work! I look forward to continuing in this relationship. This project has been fun and enjoyable!"

Adam McConnell, Richmond Center for Christian Study

"Thanks a million! You guys are amazing with your customer service!"

Jessica Greiner, All Saints Anglican Church

"I like the new control for setting up the home page for mobile devices. It's easy to use, and it gives a lot of flexibility to us for prioritizing the content shown… You have given us a lot of great tools to work with, and the feedback from our church has been very positive about the improvements in functionality and the more modern look. We really appreciate your partnership with us… Nice job!"

"I just want to congratulate all who have worked to design and implement the new media player. I was blown away when I first saw it… Easy to use, well designed, showcases the sermon series well. Thank you for the great work you all continue to do to improve the functionality of our websites."

"I really like the [support system] and the integration within the Content Management System. Very convenient… I especially like the simplicity of the form because it doesn't require me to figure out who to route my question to. My user support experience with Church Plant Media has been the best of any web-based system I'm currently using. You are all prompt in getting me answers, unfailingly patient and polite, and obviously interested in serving your users well. Thanks for all you do to support our ministry."

Charlie Lehardy, Grace Community Church

"By the way, I love this website better than any other website we have had. It is so easy to change and add information. You have made my life so easy."

Jason Taylor, Belle Aire Baptist Church

"WONDERFUL job on the new media player… it's fantastic! Thanks for continuing to add “improvements” even though you already have an awesome product! :) …You guys are the best! Thanks for serving us so well—Church Plant Media is a great company!"

Lydia England, Sovereign Grace Church

"I wanted to take a moment to commend you guys for the hard work on the recent media player. Our church has been with Church Plant Media for a couple of years now, and it has been a great tool, and we've found that you guys work really hard to deliver some excellent stuff. So this is just an email to say thank you and to encourage you that what you do is not going unnoticed."

Aaron Law, Metro Life Church

"Excellent!! And a HUGE thank you to the Church Plant Media team. Y'all are AMAZING!"

Nathan Stiff, Redeeming Grace Church

"I met with both my board of elders and the folks who discussed the web design today, and they both gushed over how great the site looks. So, may your hearts be full of cheer at producing a great product and having happy customers."

Keith Myer, Harvest Baptist Church Salisbury

"Fantastic! I am loving this company! We are part of a network of churches, and I can't wait to tell them about Church Plant Media!"

Nikki Carroll, Northwest Fellowship

"You guys are awesome! We were able to share the site with 36 pastors who are currently assembled together for lunch with Dr. Bruce Ware. For many, this is their first exposure to TGC Hawaii. The timing was providential!!! Just perfect. Thank you guys so much! We are STOKED!"

Justin White, The Gospel Coalition | Hawaii

"Many thanks to the guys at Church Plant Media… Next time you take up the project of overhauling your church website, they are worth looking into. If you're familiar with blogging web software, it's more flexible than Wordpress and you have a team of humans to work with… and they are the best human beings in the universe. Protest, but I'm right."

Trent Hunter, The Gospel Coalition | Albuquerque

"A huge and hearty thank you to the Church Plant Media team. The servant-hearted support you guys provide is always timely and top-notch. Throughout each step in the process, it truly feels like a gospel partnership."

Chris Poblete, The Gospel Coalition | Orange County

"Thanks so much. You have been so helpful, and I'm really grateful. I love the site, and I'm sure that it will be really useful for us… Your efforts for the sake of the Kingdom are not in vain."

Lee Davis, The Gospel Coalition | Columbus

"You all have a wonderful product, and we are grateful for your partnership with us in the spread of the gospel in our area."

Jordan Gowing, CrossWinds Church

"Wonderful! The longer I use this design, the more I am impressed with its capabilities! Thank you… That is beautiful—just what I wanted—and now I have learned something else new! …The entire staff at Church Plant Media is awesome. You have given us terrific support. Thanks for all your help… You people are awesome! You have been a tremendous help in getting this website developed and published. Would you accept a dozen virtual roses?"

"Your support and suggestions have been very instrumental in the launch of our new website. We have received many compliments. Most everyone who sees our new website thinks we have done wonders! They do not understand that it was your web design and your support that has done the wonders. We just filled in the blanks!"

Ray Meyer, West Valley Bible Church

[From Twitter] "Shout out to all of you at Church Plant Media! Professional, extremely helpful, dependable, total awesomeness! You guys rock! Thank you!"

@graceanglicanfi, Grace Anglican Church

"Awesome. We also do web work and have worked with other developers before and love what you guys do. Literally could not have done it better ourselves, hence the reason we are doing our mission organization and church plant projects with you guys… I have spent 10% of the amount of time I would normally do setting up our mission organization site vs. a custom Wordpress site in the business world… You guys are awesome."

[David also sent this email to his pastor] "Pastor Joe: I meant to have a conversation with you this past Sunday on web stuff. I have spent the last couple years messing with new web strategies, social media, etc on a side company we have. We came across this company (Church Plant Media) and the short story is that they are incredible. They have legitimate CMS (content management system) based websites that are the best in the business. They ONLY work with non-profit organizations or mostly churches. I have now used them on 2 different ministry site projects with incredibly good success. The process is as simple as it possibly can be for a layman not overly technical… I have no dog in this hunt nor do I have an agent/affiliate program with these guys. They just do great work and I use them exclusively and wish they did business sites, but they are ministry oriented only in what they do."

David Roberts, Ascend Technologies

"Back on the home front in Durham, we have partnered with a gospel-driven web design firm, Church Plant Media. Because all they do is serve churches and church plants, they have the design and technology tightly wired to serve our particular needs. Nationwide, they serve churches of all sizes, many which are mega-churches with heavy web demands. We are in good hands, and best of all, we are all partnering together for the spread of the gospel."

Chris Garrett, The Church of the Good Shepherd

"I am blown away by this service. Church Plant Media = score."

"We went with Church Plant Media after noticing how many of our partner churches and ministries were doing so. It was an excellent decision. From their quick, personable customer service to high-quality features in an easy-to-use interface, Church Plant Media has exceeded our hopes. Beyond that, their commitment to the true gospel and the local church makes them more than a service provider; they are truly a partner in ministry… We appreciate these guys and gals a ton."

Kevin Labby, Willow Creek Church

"Thanks very much, we appreciate the support and amazed at the turnaround!"

Cris Dickason, Trinity Orthodox Presbyterian Church

"Thanks for all your help! We love you guys. We haven't been working with you guys for too long, but we can already tell that this website has made it easier for people to learn more & get involved with our church. Y'all are pretty cool :-)"

Tim Wilkerson, The Church at Martinsburg

"You all do a fantastic job of hosting and supporting the digital work of church plants. Thanks so much. I've been managing our website for a good bit now and… I really enjoy how easy your CMS is to work with. Recently I was asked to help with the website of a church planting later this year. They are also using Church Plant Media."

Brodie Smith, The Journey

"Thanks for taking so much time with me and answering all of my questions… many several times. I know I can speak for the senior staff at VTC we are pumped at the prospect of reaching more people with the gospel via a fresh can of technology."

Steven Hamric, Vineyard at Tuttle Crossing

"I got this text below from a friend and former co-worker… I'm sending it on because so much of what he compliments is due to the great design on the part of Church Plant Media. Keep it up!!"

"Hey I just got on the chapel website, and I have to say again that it looks (and functions) great! The colors really draw me in, and it's very accessible. And there's actually current content in all of the locations. And everything is positioned so well that what I want to see is linked on the same page… I could go on, but excellent work! Honestly, I've looked at a lot of current websites, and it's probably the most complete and most simple/accessible at the same time. And that is very tough to accomplish! Nice work!"

Anne Meyer, Chapel of the Cross

"Just wanted to shoot you a HUGE thank you for all the work you did on the JOB site and project. We literally couldn't have done any of this without that site… I have been so pleased with the site and with Church Plant Media. Nothing better than great design, a great CMS, and great people."

William Parker, JOB the film

"First I must let you know that I worked in the corporate world for 16 years prior to my position eight years ago in this ministry. My brain still functions “Corporate” before “Nonprofit.” With that in mind, I remember researching web designers & hosting companies several years ago for the church. It took me a few short weeks before I realized that your company not only offered my corporate brain everything it looked for [options, design, style, and value], but it touched my heart seeing your passion for ministries... I have a background in HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, SQL, etc. So I realized quickly your company offers a fantastic value and so many more options than most companies. However, my deciding factor was that you offered a real Christ-centered company, with a desire to help churches promote the good news of Christ…"

"Your design team did an amazing job on this site, and the coders made the CMS widgets so easy to use! Thanks again for giving our church the opportunity to have a professional, updated website for a fraction of the cost most businesses pay."

Denise Mushegan, East-West Church

"Thanks so so much! Just so you know, everyone I've heard from absolutely loves the site and the design. So so SO grateful for Church Plant Media's help!! This would not have happened in anywhere near the time we needed it to without you guys."

Brittany Kauflin, Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville

"The site is great, and the support we received was off the charts! Thank you and the team for all of your hard work. As always I'm blown away with the customer service/support from Church Plant Media. I'm blown away by the quality of the websites. Such a blessing to minister and work with you all."

Paul Ortlinghaus, SOMA Church Community

"Friends at Church Plant Media, I've been meaning to send you a quick note for a few weeks but haven't gotten around to it until now. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to each of you for all your work in the revamping of our website. We are thoroughly pleased with it and are getting lots and lots of positive feedback and are finding it to be a great enhancement to our ministry. But beyond that, you guys are all just a real pleasure to deal with. You are the unusual mix of being professional but you also feel like friends. Every interaction is helpful and positive. I never feel like the ignorant guy talking to the technical expert when I interact with you all. I feel like I'm talking to a partner in ministry whose expertise just happens to be websites but whose passion is the Kingdom. I've never met any of you in person, but yet I feel like you are really on our team. All that to say, you guys are doing a great job blessing churches and helping them advance the gospel. Thanks again and blessings to you!"

Brad Evangelista, CrossPointe Church

"You guys rock. I'm going to be with 100's of church planters next week. I will for sure share how great and efficient you guys have been."

Brent Williams, True North Church

"You've been an invaluable assistance in the past few weeks. I cannot say enough to express my deep respect and appreciation for your fast response and professionalism. Wow!"

Lawrence Lee, Preakness Reformed Church

"You guys have been fantastic throughout the entire process. I look forward to recommending Church Plant Media to as many people as I can. God bless!"

Brian Henson, All Saints Anglican Church

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