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Watch this video to get a quick peek inside the product, and learn about how and why we’ve built our web and app builder to be the easiest way for churches to maintain their websites and apps. Want to watch an in-depth webinar or test-drive it yourself? Choose an option below.

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What people are saying

“You guys are awesome. This is exactly why I feel so confident using CPM and recommending to others. THANK YOU!”

Grant Armstrong Glen Ellyn Bible Church

“Thanks a million! You guys are amazing with your customer service!”

Jessica Greiner All Saints Anglican Church

“I just met someone last week who had never gone to church, never met any believer, never read through the Bible, and yet apparently got saved by listening to sermons online and now wants to join the church. We can't miss out on reaching out to those people! We are so thankful for what we are able to do with your services.”

Philippe Viguier EPEVC

“The reason I chose to partner with Church Plant Media is that they're not just a company; they're not just creating websites; they're people who love the gospel… and they've become friends. We've spent time together, we've prayed together, and I know their love for the Lord, and their desire to help churches grow and thrive…”

Tim Challies Challies Dot Com + Grace Fellowship Church

“...when our church was looking for a partner to… construct a website that was usable, friendly, and welcoming; we found a gospel-centered ministry. Somebody that could partner with us not only in serving us but who shared the common theological vision. That meant a great deal to us.”

Justin Taylor Crossway + New Covenant Bible Church

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