Upgrade Pricing

For many churches and gospel ministries "change" is the only constant.

With this in mind, we offer various upgrade and integration options if you want to change your website design or if you are expanding your ministry. To get started, please fill out our Start Form or feel free to contact us.

Logo Change — Free

We are happy to change logos whenever it may be needed. Please fill out a support form while logged in to our CMS, and our Support Team will take care of this for you.

Different Color Scheme — Free

All of our church website designs have at least 3 color options available (A, B, or C). After we install your staging website we can change to one of the other color schemes for FREE at any time. Depending on the design, you may need to provide a new logo that will work with the new color scheme.

Switching Designs — Free or $250

If a design is available at your location* we can switch you over to that design BEFORE the website launches for FREE. If you want to switch to a new design AFTER launch, we are happy to do so anytime in the future at 50% off our regular price ($250). Visit "What is the Process?" to learn more about how the switch works after launch.

*NOTE: Be sure to check design availability and be aware of our Radius Protection.

Full Color Customization — $500

Do you love one of our designs, but the colors don't match your branding? We offer a full color customization option where we will customize the colors of your design to match the existing colors of your ministry.

Additional Website — $250 + $50/mo.

Many churches need an additional website for their youth ministry, a new campus, or a sponsored church plant. This option is available for any partner ministry who can sign our Gospel Agreement. All of our partners get a 50% discount off of our regular price for any additional websites.

Subdomain Setup — $75

Some multi-campus churches use subdomains for each campus. A subdomain replaces the "www" in the URL and it allows a full website to share your primary domain name (example: campus.churchdomain.org). Subdomains can be used for many things like redirects and multi-campus websites. However, they are NOT RECOMMENDED due to their negative impact on search engine optimization.

Please consult with our Ministry Advisor before considering the use of subdomain.

Domain Change — $250 or Free*

Many churches change their name and require a different domain for their website. This is possible but requires some custom database reconfiguration. If you simply want a shorter domain name, it may be easier to setup a redirect. Please consult with our Support Team on the available options.

*NOTE: Domain Change Fee is waived if you are also Switching Designs for $250.

Any questions?

Visit What is the Process? to learn more about setting up your website.

Feel free to contact us anytime. We are here to serve you!

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