Live Streaming

Designed especially for churches and ministries

Live streaming your church service made easy.

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live stream devices

Broadcast everywhere

Simultaneously broadcast to your website, mobile app, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, & OTT apps

No more choosing a single broadcast destination. Now, you can broadcast to multiple destinations with ease. One stream, multiple destinations!

Tons of platforms and encoders supported

Broadcast from your Mac, PC, phone, tablet, camera, appliance, and more

Pick from OBS Studio, ProPresenter, Wirecast, Zoom, Blackmagic, Datavideo, Tascam, Magewell, Aja Helo, Tricaster, Larix, Switcher Studio, vMix, and other generic RTMP encoders.

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included with every subscription

Simple Pricing


  •  Complementary setup
  •  Real-time dashboard
  •  Real-time viewer statistics

optional add-ons

Roku and Apple TV apps

$499 setup + $19/mo

includes both apps

Multiple Channels

$9/mo for channels 2+

Each account can have multiple channels, allowing concurrent broadcasts

Closed Captions


Display closed captions for web, Apple TV, and Roku

Simulated Live


Prior events or manually uploaded files can be broadcast as if they are live

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Streaming FAQs

Yes! Our streaming experts make it easy for you to get your streaming up and running quickly and easily. We take as little or as much time as you need to feel comfortable for your first stream.

We provide support 7 days a week, with priority support on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. We can be reached by phone or email.

A live bird's-eye view of the channel allows a quick view of encoder connection status, live feed, viewer totals, real-time viewer maps, disk usage, and support queue status. Viewer statistics are automatically collected, including geographic location. Reports are sent to all administrators once the broadcast is complete.

You’ll get 300 GB of storage, and your archives can be stored as long as you want. Events can be configured to auto-expire to reduce disk space. If you need more space, you can purchase additional storage in 100 GB blocks for $10.

Definitely! Broadcasts are distributed in multiple qualities, ensuring viewers have the best experience with no buffering.

Live broadcasts can be automatically sent to multiple destinations, including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, your app, your website, and any other RTMP destination.


We'd love to serve you!